It’s Never Too Early for Your Assisted Living Checklist

Most people who turn 65 years old will need to consider finding a suitable home care & other associated health needs such as dentists for example. Especially for seniors who have issues with mobility, receiving assistance is a reality. All the more for the elderly parents who grapple with remembering where they placed things or whether they already took their medications or not.

Assisted LivingThere will always be exceptions to the rule, although when it comes to home care, exceptions tend to be few and far between. In Star Wars, for example, Yoda lived sans assisted living well into his old age. But that was because the Jedi Master lived a very active lifestyle and had no health issues.

More likely than not, most people would like to grow old just like Yoda. But then again, the future is hard to predict, especially if it is some twenty or more years down the road. Still, it’s never too early to plan for your own old age needs, especially when assistance could be covered by insurance.

And yet for people born with a debilitating disability, assisted living is often the only way to go. While this is not often a growing statistic, old age is a major concern for the governments of say, Canada or China. With a steadily growing number of elderly in the population, providing the infrastructure as well as manpower becomes a major challenge for any old age health system.

By far, the biggest pressure on the system will come from last-minute or unplanned assisted living accommodations. Therefore, governments must be able to anticipate this sector of society before it’s too late. Failing to factor in the numbers can certainly lead to a major health care crisis.

Perhaps census gathering should include questions pertaining to unplanned access to elderly care and to a lesser degree, disability care. Doing so can definitely help make a more accurate forecast of the number of people who are likely to avail of such type of health assistance when the time comes. At the same time, government campaigns to boost the number of enlistment into the home care profession should be a constant pursuit and marked with a great sense of urgency.

The clock is ticking. Nobody wants to grow old and yet it is a reality. Start making plans now.

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