Choosing the Right Home Care Agency

Care AgencyMany elderly people are choosing home care over moving into an assisted living facility. Not only is this option typically less costly, but it also allows elderly people to retain much of their independence, something important to most of us as we get older.

If you have a loved one who has chosen to be cared for in their home, rather than move into an assisted living facility, your first priority will be to find the right agency and the right person. many agencies rely heavily on word of mouth, and you may want to start by asking friends and family for anyone they can recommend. Various websites also offer unbiased reviews and comments – good and bad – from current clients. A smaller. locally based agency may be able to offer more personal service than a large, nationally based agency.

Make sure that any home care company you work with is bonded, insured and licensed, and it’s acceptable to ask to see a copy of any of these documents, as well as any financial statements. You may also want to get an idea of how the agency hires their staff, what their training program consists of, and how thorough their background check process is. Also, some employees of home help agencies are contractors, which basically means they are self employed. You may want to choose an agency whose aides are actually employees, and are therefore fully covered by insurance. It also means you don’t have to concern yourself with taxes.

Finding the right individual to care for your aging or sick parent is just as important, once you have found the ideal agency. The right person should be caring and patient, willing to go the extra mile, and just as importantly, there should be an instant connection between the care aide and the client. If the person being looked after in the home has special needs, such as dietary requirements, medication, or anything else, it is obviously important pot make sure the aide is experienced and able to provide that service. Adequate coverage in the event of your aide being sick is also a must.

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