Home Care Workers: Modern Day Heroes

Home care workers are the unsung heroes of the modern world. This army of care providers comes from all over the globe. They are usually recruited by countries like the USA, Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc.

These hardworking individuals’ main job involves the care and feeding of the recruiting country’s growing number of elderly. Their wards–more often than not–have retired from their jobs. Having been productive most of their lives, the retirees now deserve a life without the stress that they were used to at work.

These elders can relax at home and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Therefore, they expect nothing but the best treatment from home care workers.  This also includes possible addiction therapy if needed. They could be just as discriminating with the service they receive as much as their former employers.

As a result, the agents of assisted living are expected to do their very best. Often, there is no room for error, especially in the realm of providing daily medication for the elders. For aside from the fact that they have to make sure that exacting dosages of drugs are dispensed, migrant workers often receive strong opposition from recipients of their care.

How they manage to make their elder wards take their medication to the letter is nothing short of a miracle. Some assisted living employees have learned to use psychology in order to perform their duties to a T. Others may use just a little bit of force to get seniors to take their medication.

Most of the time, however, sweetness along with a strong sense of work dedication is the winning antidote. The personal care worker, however, might have learned this technique the hard way. Yet in some cases, there are born caretakers.

Regardless of what country they come from, the jobs of the vast army of care providers are cut out for them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t last too long in their chosen profession. Also, it is common for an elderly and his or her caretaker to develop such a strong bond–one that only gets broken when one or other passes away.

Still, there are cases where no matter how professional both sides are, personalities still clash and sooner rather than later, both parties need to go their own separate ways. But no hard feelings. In life, nothing is certain, as Benjamin Franklin would say–except death and taxes.

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